About  TONO Taiyo

I’m painter living Japan. I use acrylic paint.

I display paintings and do live painting at events. I post pictures and making videos every day on SNS(Twitter,Instagram). The motifs are plants, flowers, landscapes, etc. I go to various places to find motifs. And take a picture. All pictures are original. Realistic techniques, unique colors, and dynamic composition are the features of my work.

I also worked at an artist-in-residence in Taiwan and participated in an art fair in London. I’m expanding my range of activities overseas. My goal is to become a painter working in Asia and around the world.

Main activities

  • Exhibition PAINTINGS | plants, flowers, land scapes
  • Commission works
  • collaboration 

To Taiyo can do it 

  • exhibition and commission works(Plants, flowers, Landscape, Still Life etc)

To Taiyo want to do it (world wide)

  • Participate in AIR, exhibitions, art festivals and events, commission
  • Participate in art events and art festivals 
  • Offering pictures to books, magazines, Music jackets, posters etc



Born 1986 in Osaka, Japan 

Solo Exhibition

2020 Daily Paintings, gallery compliments, Osaka

2017 Lo-fi / f r i e d r i c e (mishmash) / Paintings, Gallery Ami-Kanoko, Osaka 

2016 Imitation Galaxy, Gallery Ami-Kanoko, Osaka

2015 e.g.g.o0048 TaiyoTono Sticking space, Taigado, Kyoto 

2014 Passion!, SoHo Art Gallery, Osaka

Group Exhibition (select )

2020 Yorinori Plus 2020, Irorimura89 gallery, Osaka

2020 ESY Project Competition, Shinatachyo gallery , Osaka

2020 Japanese artists 2020, Chakichian gallery, Osaka

2020 Tanimachi Purple Line, ig_m_art, Osaka

2020 FIRST STEP EXHIBITION, Gallery G-77,Kyoto

2019 MARUGOTO art museum, Myorenji-temple Kyoto

2019 YORIDORI plus 2019, Irorimura 89 Gallery, Osaka

2017 Next Art, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo

2015 TRANSNATIONAL ART 2015, Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Center, Osaka

Artist in residence

2018 The Bamboo Curtain Studio(Taiwan)

Art Fair

2019 Affordable Art Fair Battersea (London UK)


2009 BA. Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto 


2020 Kawanishi Town Art Museum live paint

2019 Oktoberfest in Nawate live Paint

AMAGASAKI Plan of ENGAWA live Paint 

Wonder package contest Grand Prize 

2018 SESSIION HOUSE Wall art competition Adopt

2017 NextArt Exhibition Selection